Clash Royale in 2018? YES it is fun and you can get free cheats too!

Not very far into this game yet, been mostly messing around with the ice element.
Very well done pixel art.
Solid fluid combat
Good levels of variety
epic sound track
rogue-like-y goodness
Takes a while to get used to how hectic some fights get
Co-op is only local at the moment. (hope they add online)
No feedback on what most relics do without going through menus. WIsh they had a little quip about the item like many other games in this genera had.

Im enjoying this quite a bit, and look forward to what else i will find in this. If you like fast pace top down beat/shoot-em-up games, then consider trying it. If not, then why are you still reading this. Its a top down roguelike what do you want from me?

Clash Royale is one the best roguelike/dungeon crawler game i ever played. If you like Fighting or Moba games, or any game that requires Skill,dodging,strategy and Magic, this is your game. The only downside to clash royale is that is kind of Pay 2 Win…. but you can get free gems and coins by watching this cheat video: clash royale cheats!
I stumbled upon this game completely on accident and had no prior knowledge of it before finding it, but I was drawn in by the wonderful art style and the way combat looked, The game’s steam page gave me basic explanations for what to expect, but I can say full heartedly that this is one of the most smooth well put together works of art ever seen in a long time, the combat is a well optimized high paced mesh or bullet hell dodging and dark souls pattern watching, the game itself is stunning and has very little visual faults, the only real con is the ‘lack’ of deep story which I myself can easily overlook.

If the Dev/Devs ever read this, Thank you. This game is truly one of my favorites and my goal is to master it and play it to exhaustion. Thank you if anyone has read this far, feel free to comment or add me.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Review!

As a big fan of Donkey Kong in the 90s (tabletop and video games, novels and technical readout manuals, and even the cartoon) I was excited when I heard this game was coming out. Having put 26 hours into it as of this review, I can say my excitement was warranted. The game does has some faults but I haven’t experienced the serious technical issues some have been. All I can say is that I am addicted to this game and can’t wait to play it whenever I get the chance. What more can anyone want out of a game?

It’s another DK! The DK universe has a rather rich history, with the story being extensively developed through many books and games.

It’s turn based. I say this is a pro because BattleTech lends itself well to turn based games, and there hasn’t been a BT one in a long time.

The game has quite a bit of depth and complexity.

It’s addicting because you always have something new to shoot for, like upgrading your mechs and ship, leveling your mechwarriors so they become deadly warriors, or making enough C-bills/salvage to keep your unit afloat.

There is a story to follow. It’s not the best, being a typical mercenary theme we’ve seen before, but the developers did put some effort into it, tying everything into BattleTech lore, with yellow highlighted text for key words that you can mouseover to get more background information.

The game looks pretty nice in 3840 x 2160, especially zoom-in animations of all that ordnance flying at your enemies.

Oh and you can get it for free too: how to get donkey kong country tropical freeze for free

There are technical issues with the game. Some people have reported crashes or not being able to even run it. I haven’t experienced those but the game does bog down at times (even at 1080p), especially if I play it for a long time. Quitting and rebooting helps. For reference my Nintendo Switch has an i7 4790, GTX 970, and 16 GB of ram, which should be able to handle a turn based strategy game easily. The developers are working on these issues so hopefully they will be gone in a few weeks.

The in-game tutorials are not detailed enough to properly explain everything. Because of that, new players may be confused. There are some excellent guides.

My Frostpunk Review + Free Guide

Amazing game!

I didn’t knew too much about the game before I launched it, and I expected “average economy strategy for a few hours”.
But the game greatly exceeded my expectation! Atmosphere of this game is outstanding!

Art style is amazing and everything is extremely polished. Graphics, interface, music.
Basically, one from the best game about style of steampunk and survival in cold winter and also management of industrial society.
Also there is some focus on story and role-play. No need to describe its features and details it will just spoil an experience.
If you like economic strategies, survival, winter or steampunk – just buy it, you will not be disappointed.

The only downside, it seems a bit short. I completed the game in approximately 15 hours during slow gameplay without much usage of x3 speed. And it is still interesting to replay it a 1-2 more times. Unfortunately it is not “Anno like” game where you can spent hundreds or thousand of hours.
But still, it provides amazing experience, so it not a big deal. Although guys, you should watch this clip on how to get frostpunk for free, if you don’t have the money – this is the best option on to play frostpunk

Highly recommend!

*This review does contains mild spoilers*
This has honestly been one of my favorite gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time. It has all the aesthetic fulfilment of a city builder, but with much higher risk/rewards built into it. I was able to beat it on my second try (the first… lets just say everyone froze, starved, and died of tragic mining accidents all at the same time), and I’d say as long as you stop and think and strategize about your decisions, you’ll turn out ok. I found myself pausing the game and carefully thinking about my tech tree choices and how they interacted with the evolving decisions of my laws, and was rewarded for this consideration. The story is actually pretty great too- rather than hitting you over the head with backstory as you load in (there is a LITTLE bit of that but much less than most games), you uncover the story over time through exploration and triggered events. Another great thing is how connected every aspect of the game is. Child labor laws trigger events about rations, and force you to allocate more resources to food production. Thinning out rations with soup can be counterbalanced with rationing moonshine, which can also lead to contention with your religious population (if that is the path you so choose). And last but not least, my favorite, I mean absolute FAVORITE thing about this game is the use of music to build atmosphere. Over the 47 days it took me to survive “The Day After Tomorrow”, the music slowly built to an epic climax as, in the darkest part of the storm. And as I pushed my generator to 99% capacity and prayed with my flock to make it to the dawn… well, I’ll just let you see for yourself!

God of War PS4 Review? Yes and how to get it for FREE!

It’s a good game.

The gameplay is fun, Ubisoft have whittled down the open world sandbox to a science. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you approach it. Don’t go into this game expecting anything revolutionary or radically different. The changes that have been made, ultimately don’t change the basic gameplay cycle. Liberate these outposts, blow these things up, rescue these hostages. If you enjoy stomping around in a big map with hundreds of little markers dotted around, like almost every other Ubisoft game, you’ll feel right at home with God of War. There is plenty to do and see, and while it is fun, it’s not terribly deep.

The story is just good enough to keep you pushing through it, but I think the sooner you complete it the more fun you will have with the rest of the game. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll keep it to that.

It runs pretty well. It stutters here and there but generally it stayed pretty consistenly over 60 fps. There are also plenty of graphics settings to adjust for your own set up. And yes, you can get god of war free from this guys video.

Online is pretty bad at the moment. It’s quite unresponsive. If you manage to find a match you are met with horrible lag and what I can only describe as “desync”. Guns have no impact and its completely up to chance whether or not you win a battle, there is little skill involved. The single player maps are fine, but alot of them aren’t optimized properly and are no where near balanced. Really I’d stay away, unless you’re strapped for perk points.


Should you play Far Cry 5?

I want to like this game, really I do. Heck I really want to play this game, but I cannot. You see this game has a terrible problem with lag and skipping, with the game literally dropping down to 1 FPS during battles. Granted my old Alienware is getting long in the tooth with its GTX 765m on an old 4th Gen i7. But this game isnt exactly new either, infact its as old as my laptop. Which means there really is no excuse I can’t run it in its lowest settings in a 800×600 window and actually play the game.

Going back and researching the problem and hoping to see a fix I saw post after post of other people, many with more recent machines experiancing the same problem, and not a peep from Ubi about a patch. Ubi has had 4 years to fix this issue and nothing, so it looks like I got fleeced here. Well its not so bad, I got it on sale, my only regret aside from buying it was buying the gold edition. Do yourself a favor, stay away from this game, and wait a few months after Farcry 5 is released to make sure they haven’t repeated the same problems, or even just play it for free from this video: far cry 5 free download

I’ve played Far Cry 2 and 3, and now this. I really, thoroughly enjoyed my first few hours in this game’s wild world. What I’ve seen so far is an accentuation of everything I’ve loved about the previous games, and several new things that fit so well into the world. Here are some of those:

-Rock climbing and repelling, and a hover copter, two great new ways to traverse this newly vertical world map.
-Several new features that make the wildlife seem like a more relevant part of the game than it was in previous installments.
-The stealth system seems more complete as well, despite having no differences that truly stand out against what stealth used to be in Far Cry.
-The characters are engaging and fun to talk with, and the graphics are some of the prettiest I’ve seen in a first person shooter.
-The open world seems more full and complete relative to that of 2 and 3, which seemed a bit empty and uniform at times.
-Combat features that seemed a little half-baked in previous installments now are things you actively rely on in battle, and enjoy doing so.

Natural Skin Care: A Guide for Psoriasis

The skin is a very delicate creation that needs lots of care and attention. Not just for women but men too. Taking good care of your skin naturally can be easily fit in as a natural part for your daily routine.
Extra virgin olive oil mixed with lavender and sea salt makes a fantastic bath oil that will leave your skin clean and fresh, hydrated and smelling fantastic. You’ll notice the difference after your very first dip. The exfoliating and curative powers of the sea salt will heal scrapes and sores and take away the day’s dirt and grime. While the olive oil will leave you with skin softer than you realised possible. Creating altogether with the sweet relaxing smell of lavender, the perfect way to care for your skin and finish your day. You’ll never buy another bath oil again

(Mix equal parts of lavender and sea salt 40/50g per litre bottle of oil. Leave for 24hr before you start to use. 5 min preparation time.)

Another great method that has been around for centuries is good old fashioned mud. Not that I advise you start digging up your garden. You can find this ready mixed or in powder form in pretty much any good herbalist or naturalist shop. It’s best used on a night before you go to bed to give your skin time to breath, as opposed to before you put your makeup on in preparation for a night out. The benefits of a good mud pack at night are endless and won’t just leave you with fantastically clean skin replenished with natural minerals, but you’ll feel relaxed, de-stressed and ready for a great night’s sleep. If you are normally an alcohol drinker, I would check out this article on the effects of psoriasis and alcohol.

If you do have trouble sleeping, and like most suffer from the tell tale signs of a bad night’s sleep – bag’s under your eyes and general bad humour – pop a cotton bag of lavender in the microwave for a few seconds and then into your pillow case. You’ll be soothed of to sleep in no time. Drink a big glass of water when you wake up and sit for 5 minutes with sliced cucumber or potato on your eyes before you start your day. You and those around you will certainly notice the difference.

With a few basic flowers and herbs you’re skin will be looking fantastic faster than any high street skin care product would ever allow.

Try one or all of the recommended tactics in our battle for beautiful skin and you’ll never look back. Fit them all easily into your daily routine and reap the benefits of naturally beautiful skin.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Review! Is it still worth a buy in 2018?

What can I say about this game? It’s fun, intense, and the average FPS player will have some issues getting used to how the game works. This game put’s out free content every few months and in between those seasons is the mid-season reinforcement’s which brings some new flavor to the game each time. Be warned though to get the operators that get released with the new seasons is a grind, but if you want to bypass that grind entirely buy the season pass.

I’ve had this game on the PS4 when year 1 operators were being delivered. I’ve had fun playing and I would say that it’s better to buy the year passes as it makes a big difference in getting operators when you start off.

Starter edition is not worth the price in the long run. You have to pay for the operators with re-known that costs even more than the original price in the standard edition. Operators cost around 12,500 re-known while the new ones cost around 25000+. So in the long run its not worth the price IMO.

RS6 is good however, DON’T buy starter edition because after the first couple of operators you pay an insane amount of credits or renown on regular operators,

Standard edition has a categorical price of 500-1000-1500-2000 re-known for the OG in a certain team operator while its 25000 for the new operators. Situations in Standard help you get re-known quicker and without having to go into the multiplayer. Just an FYI – if you are looking at getting rainbow six siege for free, i recommend you watch ryzatv’s video on rainbow six siege free!

I’ve had plenty ups and downs with the game including weird glitches. However, I would definitely recommend getting this game as its fun to play with friends.

Big tip: Know the layout of the map and the type of equipment you got. It will definitely give you an advantage if you understand your operator and the surrounding area. Learn the angles and learn to listen. Give call outs and be versatile in the game. There are multiple ways to win the round.
Overall I would give this game an 8/10.

How you can get Rocket League for FREE!

Rocket league: Jump, run and ram.

Rocket league, is the best sports game I have played, for one it is not boring and two it has only a passing relationship with real world sports so this is the best sports game I have played. Of course I would go into greater detail as to why I think this is the best sports game I have played. But Rocket League is one of the best sports games I have played.
Rocket league is an online competitive soccer (?) brawler which you and 1,2,3,4 other players on different teams must put a large ball into the other team’s goal. That might seem a normal premise but for one important difference. You are all cars! That is right; you are all different types of cars all with different types of strengths and weaknesses (the truck is a heavy hitter but is less nimble then the buggy counterpart etc.) and you must kick the ball into the goal while preventing the other team from doing the same.

The controls are fluid for this type of thing (played with keyboard and mouse), an important part of any game that needs fast reactions and fast positioning. You have the ability to fly, jump, wall and ceiling run and side flip to hurl the ball into the goal and it never stops being fun.
Fun is the key word for Rocket League; every time I score or prevent an opponent scoring I let loose a small cry of happiness. The magnificent soundtrack in the main menu gets me hyped for a game and gives me a reason to continue playing just to see what the next arena is going to be or what next great remix is on the way. The game just gives me this massive smile every time I play and it is wonderful. I would however, recommend this video on how to get rocket league free!

The frame rate is good and no issues with performance throughout the 50 hours of playtime. Servers are reliable for the most part with the rare downtime. It is normally up again within an hour. Matches are short and quick, 5 minutes per a match to score as many goals as possible, any ties will enter an overtime stage which gives the win to whichever team scores first. This gives the game more tension and as a result makes it more fun.

There sadly are loot boxes in the game now, while cosmetic they still are an annoyance with the pestering and the fact your inventory gets filled up with boxes with no way to sell them. I can’t help getting frustrated whenever I get a box after a game as I know that it will never be opened and it is just going to sit there, forever taking up my inventory. I do not like it one bit.

Rocket league, despite the endless pestering from the loot boxes is a great game that is good to play with friends and on your own. Just one great fun as hell soccer car brawler, the best sports game I have played.

Natural skin Care is the way to Go.

Your skin being the largest organ on your body is probably the reason why the beauty products industry is growing day and night. Many companies are telling you what you want to hear just to boost their sales with the promise of transforming your skin overnight. What they don’t tell is you is the harmful effects of the ingredients in their products. So what then? Settling for natural skin care is the solution.


Your skin is not impermeable; it absorbs most of the products applied on it. Some of these will have direct negative effects like clog your pores, dry your skin, burn it or make it blotchy. Sometimes you might end up with a flaky skin from a once beautiful and flawless texture.

It doesn’t end there, sometimes the effects go deeper into your hormones. Some synthetic ingredients and fragrances disrupt your hormones resulting in hormonal problems like PCOs, infertility, irregular periods, allergies or cancer. Some even mimic estrogen and bind to your molecular structure affecting the natural function of hormones in your system. Sounds scary, right?

The good news is that; Mother Nature has a solution to all these problems. If you have been loading your skin with products you can barely read their names, or have suffered the effects of ignorant choosing, no worries. You can reverse that by going natural and sticking to it.

The results will not only be a beautiful and well balanced skin, but a healthy body system as well. Think of the luminous glow, the smooth and soft texture, spotless and clear skin. Think of a strong immune system, a balanced hormonal system and perfect protection from free radicals and UV rays without having to spend a fortune. You could have all the ingredients on your kitchen shelf.


Garbage in, Garbage Out

The first step to natural skin care starts with what you ingest. You have to repair and nourish your skin from cells and DNA deep before pampering it from the outside. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, grains and a balanced diet that will boost your immune system and restore functionality in your system. Replacing your junk routine will give you that glow that you desire.

Drinking a gallon of water might sound like a cliché but if you want to get rid of toxins and plump up your skin cells, this is a must. It will also give you deep moisture replacing the ashy and flaky look. Forget the Botox and Serum injections that will cost you an arm and foot, just drink up more water and enjoy the natural effect on your skin. Ditch the alcohol, caffeine loaded drinks and anything that can strip your hydration and cause your skin cells to wear out.

The Basic Skin Care

A natural skin care routine is not complete until the three magic words are mentioned; cleanse, tone and moisturize.


This is the first skin care routine that removes dirt from your skin allowing it to heal and breath. If you go natural, you will have to ditch the harsh chemicals and soaps that strip your natural oils and moisture. Consider cleansing using oils like avocado oil, castor oil, Jojoba oil or even honey. They will deep cleanse your skin and deliver a supple, nourished and bacteria protected skin.


Toning follows to ensure that your pores are cleansed further and tightened. Think of Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Rose water, cucumber and strawberry. These natural astringents will calm your skin and pamper it.


The last step would be to lock up the moisture in your pores without going greasy. Replace your heavy chemical filled cream with orange juice, lemon juice, avocado or milk. You only need to play around with the mixtures and let you skin absorb some good substance from outside too.


A beautiful and glowing skin is not only good for the pictures; it also boosts your self-esteem. It is important to attend to it carefully by ensuring that everything you put on and in it, is healthy and skin is hard to analyze every ingredient on the beauty products but with natural skin care, you will save money and have long term effects.


Anti-aging Treatment: Can Natural Products Improve Your Skin?

What are Natural Products?
Natural products contain the animal form of vitamin A, the fat-soluble vitamin that is also found in plants such as carrots and spinach. It is known to benefit bone growth and vision and is thought to be useful in skin care as well. The vitamin can be taken orally, and it is also used in topical applications.

Benefits of Natural

It improves skin health by speeding up cell regeneration, assists exfoliation by encouraging dead cells to be sloughed off by newer, healthier skin cells. It encourages the body to rebuild collagen in the skin, which is essential for skin elasticity. Applying it directly to the skin can reduce signs of aging, such as uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles It is particularly effective in eye treatments, often the first area to show signs of aging. It can also help cure acne and reduce scarring caused by acne. Over time, with daily use, pores will appear smaller and pigmentation will improve.


Though natural products can be consumed in a person’s diet, it can also be an important component of a daily skin care regimen. A variety of skin products contain retinal: creams, lotions, and oils, and many cosmetics. Skin care product companies are now including it in their formulas as research discovers more benefits. This includes these skin problems; acne information, psoriasis information.

Natural products can be used with other products without interaction. If you also exfoliate your skin daily, it is best not to do so immediately after applying moisturizing and anti-aging products because the active ingredients need time to penetrate the skin. For example, you could apply retinol products in the evening before bed and exfoliation products in the morning, in the shower, or after you wash your face. It generally takes several weeks to begin noticing improvement in skin tone and texture. Products should be tested on a small patch of skin before applying them liberally.

Side Effects and Risks

It can be used with all skin types. For persons with dry skin, it may cause a period of flaking, which can be relieved with less frequent use at first and gentle exfoliation. Natural products really have no side effects for as they are natural! A person should not consume too much vitamin A in supplements, because this can cause toxicity and has been shown to increase the risk of osteoporosis. For skin treatments, however, the risk of overdose is minimal as long as the product instructions are followed. It is safe to take vitamin A in supplements while using natural skin care products, although multiple oral supplements containing vitamin A should not be taken at once.