FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Review

You wanna save money while still enjoying the game. FIFA 19 ultimate team is an awesome game so learn patience if you’re that bent on not spending a dime more than you possibly need to. Better a month-in discount rather than a re-release of a triple A priced title that remains that price for 4 years and goes on a staggering 15% sale twice a year while still being a buggy mess, even with mods. Looking at you, EA! But you can get your free FUT Points here:

Ya, there are some problems I have with this game, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to play through it again even though I already got 100% completion, once they patch one of my outfit pieces disappearing in NG+. I would recommend the first and second over this one for a newcommer to the series for sure, but the story in this one managed to really grab ahold of me, just like the last two games. So if you’re in it for the story, the raw emotion from the main characters, and some well done mechanics, even if you use those mechanics less than in the previous two titles, this is a great game, in my opinion.

Call of Duty’s Lastest Game – Let’s Play

I have been playing this game since beta and the only reason it has stuck around is because of how much fun the game is. When the game first launched it was always crashing, kicking you randomly from lobbies, teleporting you into the ground so you were stuck until the round ended, a bug where you would be all black. Black Ops 4 barely even worked back then but I could not stop playing it. If you are new expect to be very frustrated and die a lot but stick with it. BO4 is worth it and I have never stuck with a game this long. I actually got the game code for free, here is how you get yourself cod bo4 for free too:

Absolutely amazing game! I have played more hours of this game across PC and xbox than any other game in my entire life and i have been playing video games since i was 6 years old. Highly recommend you start with people your skill level at first. Dont give up if it seems hard! Persevere and let this game become one of your favorites!

A true labour of love.
It’s just that the love kind of dwindled a bit nearer to the end. The final act and battle were a bit of a disappointment, even with the changes of the definitive edition.

Still, it’s a beautiful and enjoyable call of duty, with amazing music & art, and the story & gameplay work really well for the most part. The amount of hours I’ve put into to this game should tell you a lot.


WWE Review!

WWE 2k19 Review


The skill tree and overall combat is simple but very enjoyable. I am playing on Hard difficulty, and it truly is a challenge. I’m encouraged to watch patrol patterns, learn my skills, master my weapons, and approach battles with a bit more strategy. Finishing even the smallest of encounters feels extremely rewarding. Bounty hunters, wildlife, and elite soldiers are not to be taken lightly. I’m already pondering how I will build my character in a second playthrough. Naval combat is back and just as glorious as it was in wwe 2k19.

Wowsa there is a lot of gear you are constantly getting in this game. The armor and weapons are very distinctive, offer their own wide variety of benefits and can change how you approach combat encounters. I am enjoying trying everything on (gotta be fashionable) and upgrading or engraving my favorites. Oh and you get this game for free on youtube: how to get wwe for free

Holy cow is this game world beautiful and gigantic. When I visit sync spots, arrive in ports, or just find random hidden gems I find myself pausing and just going, “wow.” I’ve never used any kind of photography mode in other games before, but you bet your pretty behind I am in 2k19. Cities feel lively, are clear in their poverty or prosperity, the wilds are lush with vegetation and beautiful mountain ranges, and overall everything is a joy to look at. The map is huge – I’ve visited around 8 regions (each having a minimum of 1 sync spot and 5ish points of interest) and I feel like that’s only 30% of the map.

Side Missions:
Some of these made me laugh my rear off – they really took me off guard. I grab quests while in the world iteslf. Whether it be proper side missions with their own story, or favors from npcs. This way is very enjoyable for me instead of a straight grind from a mission board and I am genuinely excited when I find a side quest as most are very well done. Not all of them will be memorable, but I still felt they were executed well.

Venom – It is worth a see?

That is it they were both in my personal opinion it turned out very well you have dark moments where Venom wants to bite the heads off everybody in a room and then you have funny moments where Eddie is really hilarious there’s a lot of humor in the movie that is delivered really well there are a few delivered pretty well there’s also a really good amount of action in the movie when Venom and Eddie the movie hilarious hilarious side of the dark side with the serious side all at once to overall it was a really good movie that I very much enjoyed I was entertained the whole entire time I love but it is just my opinion I highly encourage you all to go see the movie for yourself and form your own opinion let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe like and comment and put it with everything Venom and Marvel related and be entered in my giveaway

I actually got to see the early release screening of venom here: watch venom online

Let’s Review Spotify Premium

 I ended up requesting a refund because I couldn’t login in to the app. Also I didn’t even expect to have to do a login since I only wanted to play the a couple of songs. Also beware even if you buy the standard spotify premium. I suspect it downloads the online on you because the download will wind up being 10 gigs in junk songs you don’t want. Not to mention the fact that you have to login even if you’re only playing using the offline version.
Now Spotify Premium is an excellent thing for the music industry. Online and steamed music that people don’t have to buy and can listen to offline, it is really just a win-win for the consumer and the artists! That being said you do have to buy spotify to not have ads and be able to skip unlimited amount of songs. Now I did some searching for you on youtube, and found a tutorial showing you how to get it for free: how to get free spotify

This youtube guide actually does work, and is now saving me $9.99 a month 😛

Is FUT good this year – 19?

Love playing FUT – really wish they made it possible for us to not have to choose between function and fashion (NGL I’m a huge fan of character customization) and I really wish the game let us meld decorations to make stronger versions of decorations. But eh. It’s a good game overall. I hope they plan on making more areas to visit and explore.

This is the first FIFA I have been able to play and fully experience. Excellent game! Would recommend to friends. Very fun solo and in groups. Several different armor and weapon types to experiment and build on. I will buy more Monster Hunter games in the future.

I play as France, when im bored, Germany. Im pretty addicted to this game. Its not for everyone, but if you like soccer, with a sometimes clanky movement, and friends then get this game. It can be a wee bit grindy so keep that in mind. But its a lot of fun with friends, beware the FUT Pack buying though. Hate that thing. That’s why you need to use this: FREE FUT Points

One of the few games where the grind is actually useful and FUN !

Also, mouse & keyboard works very well in this game – pleasantly surprised !


Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Review


Give your self a couple of matches to get comfy, but you ought to be in a position to switch to particular developing elements as rapidly as any weapon. Experiment till you discover a layout that feels all-natural. Make certain to grab any skin you can get for totally free, simply because it’ll permit you to potentially grab that back bling for use with other skins (e.g., Twitch Prime skins). Are Back Bling and Backpacks the exact same factor?

We’ll also clarify how they function in case you are nonetheless unsure what the point in them is, and we’ll consist of a couple of a suggestions and tricks to assist you make the most of them. When we initial shipped Fortnite on Android, our internal testing indicated that we had been fitting inside the memory constraints of our target devices.

As soon as the tower is completed, activate the radar at the leading utilizing some BluGlo, and numerous points of interest will be marked on your map. Epic has so far restricted the Fortnite Android beta to a little set of handsets released in the final two years, a reality that indicates 92 % of Android Fortnite players are operating Android eight or newer.

Google can much more effortlessly get the word out on the require for a patch, as nicely as push updates via the Play Shop. It is an completely various procedure for sideloaded apps, Helme stated. An Epic safety engineer, at my urging, requested Google delay public disclosure for the common 90 days to permit time for the update to be much more extensively installed.

Fortnite has turn out to be so well-liked that is will quickly be accessible on each single device and console, following Epic Games reveal they are close to announcing the game on Android devices. Attempt to break their wall down to a extremely low hp so your subsequent pickaxe swing breaks it down. Break the wall and instantly replace it with a wall of your personal. Now if you don’t want to spend money on fortnite… Simply just follow this guide here:

Rather, you will have to use the Galaxy Apps Shop that is pre-installed on your Samsung device. It functions basically the exact same as the Play Shop. Fornite’s weapons have a rarity worth, with the much less typical ones getting much better stats. Want much more suggestions, tricks, and secrets?

Yes, as lengthy as you have linked your PlayStation Network account to your Epic Games account, you can crossplay with Computer, Mac, iOS, and Android players. And it is not most likely to pass anytime quickly. The list naturally consists of flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Google Pixel two XL, but much more modest smartphones might also nonetheless function.

Now Dusty Divot, the place just to the correct of the map’s centre now resembles a bombsite. At its centre is a crashed meteor surrounded by a research station and a lot of of Hop Rocks.

Epic Games has reportedly stated that it will take just a couple of days prior to Fortnite beta keys are received. Perhaps a Switch exclusive? Cloaked star defintely twitch prime. The mystery skin will be in the item shop. A file containing it known as “K-Pop” was discovered below “Featured Items”. Theres gonna be a switch exclusive skin.

Epic began teasing Season four in current weeks when players noticed what looked like a meteor soaring across the sky. • Exclusive Battle Royale Sub Commander Outfit & Slipstream Glider: Navigate the battlefield in the Sub Commander Outfit and Slipstream Glider.

Just maintain an eye on the storm – if the circle seems on the other side of the map, get prepared for a run. When you jump you will have a couple of seconds gliding to the ground.

Epic could be searching to function with the biggest OEM in the globe to launch their game so that they can promote the game along with obtaining millions of feasible new customers.

1. Tap the Buddies icon (appears like a group of individuals in the upper correct corner. Tap on the Add a buddy icon. two. Enter your friend’s Epic username or e-mail address in the search box.

Throughout the actual launch, the rocket brought on a big rift in the space-time continuum to open up above the center of the map, and a number of products and landmarks all through the island began disappearing. Thanks to Epic Games, Fornite Esports landscape is expanding and there is no much better location to be a component of the action than Checkmate Gaming. Playing competitive video games for cash has by no means been this simple. Get prepared to hop out of the Battle Bus and let the very best player/duo win!

Other missions are time-restricted, requiring the players to find and assist a quantity of survivors, develop out a number of radar towers, or clear out numerous encampment of husks scattered about the map prior to time runs out. The majority of environments are destructible, which means enemies are capable of bashing down walls and providing even the greatest of hiding spots a window of vulnerability.

Apples are accessible on all platforms. That is all there is to know, but we’ll add much more Apple-discovering suggestions as they arrive. If you have any to share, post them in the comments section! Fortnite is an absolute sensation amongst on-line game players worldwide. The game began out as a co-op game in which the objective is to survive a wave of monsters.

With it comes a slew of fresh new content material such as map modifications, new skins, and a new Battle Pass. If you land at the far north and truly function difficult to hit every place, you can conceivably get all 5 in a single match with out obtaining killed by the expanding storm.

Nba 2k19 mobile is now out?!?!? This guy has got it!

The Negative Reviews on this game are very unfair. This game is absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend! Here are my thoughts on the game and why its not right to judge this game on the same level as NBA 2k19. But there has been new NEWS of the NBA 2k19 mobile being released today! This youtube guy has got it, working on ios and android devices. We asked for some questions but he seems to be away. Here is his video on: nba 2k19 mobile download

TL;DR: Its a fantastic rally game to get you up to the NBA 2k19 level. If your looking for a great game to give you the skills to be competitive in NBA 2k19 start here or if your looking for a great rally game, get it. If your looking for a no-forgiveness hardcore simulation then just Get NBA 2k19 and build your skills for NBA 2k19 2.0.

To start, this game definately has a different feel than NBA 2k19. I remember buying NBA 2k19 in the first week of early access and imediately I thought ‘This is a different game’. I didn’t have the same feel in 2k 18. I felt comfortable right from the start. The opening stage was a great place to test if I liked the more arcady feel or the more simulation feel as well as the multitude of assists they have. I turned all of them off because like I said, this game isn’t NBA 2k19. I completed the stage with flying times so the game told me to play on pro, so I did. Then it went through the whole ‘this is car, car go fast’ stuff and i kind of just glossed over that. However, the tutorial is where this game shines.

Fortnite Save the World Review 2018 September – Should it be free?

Played during the free weekend. I’ve never had so LITTLE fun playing an open world game before. The game is far too realistic to be enjoyable. The environments and game details are undoubtedly visually stunning, but it plays terribly. Both singleplayer and multi are badly crafted as well.

Story, voice acting, and driving mechanics are serviceable. What ruins it is how twisted all the roads are, how there is no straight path to objectives, and how impossible it is to drive anything offroad. All the roads and environments are so ragged and cluttered that you cannot maneuver a vehicle through them. The only viable, quick form of transport are the helicopters, which fly decently. This ruins the game’s pacing, the fun of world exploration, and how quickly you can get to objectives. Fortunately there is fast travel, but even that has faults. Oh and here’s how i got fortnite pve for free: SAVE THE WORLD FREE 🔥How to get Fortnite Save the World for FREE Key Code PS4/XBOX/PC [STW FREE] 🤑

The shooting mechanics are actually quite enjoyable – that is if you ever can find yourself in circumstances to be firing your weapon. Stealth isn’t tenable, since the cover mechanics are shoddy and unreliable, and enemy sensors are too unpredictable. The gun customization looks great on the offset, but actually isn’t once I started using it. Same goes with the character creator – easy to use, but in retrospect not that great.

You can’t kill civilians, so your freedom of choice is actually limited. Missions are repetitive, fights are arbitrary and unengaging, boss fights are built around good/realistic characters but not properly designed to have an impact on the player or offer choice, map controls are bad, you spawn too far from missions when you lose, you can’t jump except at predefined objects, there are tons of glitches, and not ONCE did I manage to have a stable gunfight that went as planned or was properly gratifying. Acquiring new weapons takes far too long, and weapon management is more tedious than it should be.

My Fortnire first impressions

My Fortnite First Impressions…

Not too many hours on the log but of what I have played so far, this has been one of the most fascinating and unique games I have ever come across… If you re an avid gamer or even a casual gamer you can easily get a hang of how things work and it is not as difficult as you would think watching a gameplay video… Very smooth and interesting gameplay with an engaging and challenging story, only downside is the high hardware requirements… Just get the game, this tittle seems to have not received the uproar it deserves… so yea, you don’t wanna miss this one…

Words can not explain just powerful and emotionally engaging this game is. I have played many many video games in my day but none have left such an incredible impact. Fortnite doesn’t just engage you as a player, it speaks to you as a person. If you take the time to complete the game’s multiple endings you will be gifted with a video game experience unlike any other. With fluid combat that’s buttery smooth and easy to control with a story that tugs at all your heart strings. This is a masterpiece. This is why video games exist, this game is pure art. One of my favorite parts of fortnite are the skins, this guy actually shows how to get that rare galaxy skin…. Here’s the video: how to get galaxy skin

Regardless, I am not really far into the game yet, so I can’t say much about the story and stuff. But I like it. Hack-n-Slash, machine enemies, big bulldozer type things wanting to kill you, it’s a lot fun. Gameplay is rather smooth as well. I actually love the camera movement a lot. How it changes from 3D to 2.5D at places, it’s not ideal, but works very well at the places it’s done. The controls are a bit bad on K+M, a controller is recommended, though I am not really good at using a controller. So I just went ahead with the K+M, hopefully it’ll grow on me with time, The graphics are decent, and rest is good enough.