Fortnite Review – Is it still awesome? Can you get free skins now?

I never thought I would take a liking to Fortnite, but I’m drawn to games with a unique style and Fortnite has just that.
For new players, it will take time to learn the 4v1 style of play that Dead by Daylight offers and every game you play is different every time. The randomized mapping placements of generators, hooks, doors, windows, pallets, make every game different. Survivors don’t know who the killer is going into the game until they come face to face and killers don’t know what the survivors are up to until they see them.
Some may be drawn to playing a survivor than a killer or you may prefer just to kill the survivors or you could play both on rotation (like me). I may have 60+ hours on it, but even I’m still learning and it’s still fun to play.
I enjoy the leveling system. Each survivor and killer have their own unique perks, where you have to level the character up in order to unlock their unique perks to have a chance to unlock them on other survivors/killers. It creates a unique grind for each character and forces you to change up the play style you may be used to with another character. The best is the cosmetic skins:  Galaxy FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Galaxy SKIN! How to get Galaxy skin for FREE!

There are regular updates, new survivors, new killers and new maps to play. And if you don’t have any friends to play with, then don’t worry! You don’t need to talk to anyone.
At times, games can be frustrating, but not because of the game itself, but only a small portion of the community that comes with it. You don’t have to engage though. You can shake it off and move on to the next one because the next game will be different from the last.

This is actually a well rounded and simple team game. It’s easy to understand and no two games are the same despite the reptetive concept. MY only problem is there are certain killers like the cannibal, Michael Meyers, and the nightmare who are overpowered and hard to play against unless the player has literally never played before and experiences quite a lot of lag.

My Monster Hunter World Review

I suppose it’s pretty damn good for a RPG since I don’t hate the game. The game seems to be well optimized,playing it on ultra with overclocked 970 and i7 4790k 4ghz and the game did not drop below 60fps. The game itself is quite charming but to be perfectly honest I’m a bit annoyed it kept me interested just long enough to become no longer refundable. The combat is extremely simple and boring,I personally don’t like child characters in any media whatsoever so I already hated the main character before the little  even opened his mouth and after he did I just kept getting more and more annoyed by him. Now there are some pretty cool characters,like for example Roland who is the president of what I can only assume to be usa and Batu,the leader of sky pirates.
The story itself is extremely basic ”magical boy needs to take his kingdom back” type of thing and nothing to write home about. I dunno what else to say,if you’re into kingdom hearts and stuff like that you’ll probably like this. I didn’t like it but it’s not a bad game at all. If you are looking at getting monster hunter world, check out this youtube video first:

So this brings back the classic JRPG feel and story telling. You have this urge to explore the world, to see it more and the sense of adventure. A lot of recent JRPGs concentrate on weird technical mechanics which arent fun, the learning process in this game feels natural and not bothersome.

There are alot of interesting activities and side quests to do after completing the game. It probably is the best JRPG in a long time.

On the surface everything seems kind of simple, but there are a lot of indepth and well thoughtout mechanics to every fine detail involved.

The art work, story and meaning of the adventure is very ghibli like, you feel complete and its very wholesome.

definite buy for any RPG fan

Someone figured out how to play fortnite on a chromebook/school computer

Seriously…. you EPIC. I’ve waited for over a year to play this game. I waited while your fans praised your efforts and you polished your efforts to bring the game people deserved and I can’t play it on a CHROMEBOOK OR AT SCHOOL? Stellar reviews across the net told me now was the time. And you know what I learned? You spent a year and a half making this game massive and leaving it buggy as !!!! The first one dropped a couple hours in. While playing with a friend my quest updated to a different system several hundred light years away. I had no hyper drive. Apparently this was the quest to get said hyper drive. Six hours later after scouring the net and having several friends teleport me I was finally able to progress the game in said new system. I followed the story, did the quests, and thought maybe I was on my way. Just follow this simple video for the guide: How to Play & Download FORTNITE on a CHROMEBOOK/SCHOOL COMPUTER

Nope, while my friends were literally being given freighters I was putting around in my little starter ship trying to get up enough cash to actually buy a new ship. Planet after planet, with absolutely nothing. No alien structures, no fleets, just barren planet after baren planet with a bunch of useless little outposts selling nothing. No way to make money, no new ships to buy, not even interesting sites to see.

A friend decided he was going to help me out. He had been playing for a week and had a nice stock pile of trade goods leftover. We met up at a station, my friend went to trade me the goods, and…. nothing…. nothing happened. Suddenly a bugged item pops up in my inventory, all my friends trade goods are gone, and one of my inventory slots is now eaten by a ghost item that I can’t even discard. Awesome…

Free Diamonds in Disney Heroes Battle Mode?

Disney Heroes game is extremely fun with friends…. for about 2 hours. There is just not much to do, relatively quickly you can acquire all the items you need to “max” out. Afterwards, there is nothing to do but continue getting supplies. This game has a long way to go in adding extra items and actions to make the game feel more alive. Overall, I do not recommend this game unless you have money to spend (buying diamonds). But, you can actually just get the diamonds for free if you watch this youtube clip: disney heroes free diamonds

Definitely worth a few hours play time, but nothing is there to get me hooked.

It is probably one of the most simple, but most enjoyable games I’ve played in years for a Disney title! Thoroughly enjoyable sandbox experience with nice simplised graphics and tons of fun to be had. This game delivers on all fronts and makes for a great co-op game that encourages teamwork when balancing various tasks or duties on your raft whilst drifting in the ocean with your friends.

As of writing this I’ve played over 700 hours of the game and I still feel I have tons to learn. The game’s dynamic destruction system, audio propagation, and plethora of gadgets make it an extremely deep and tactical experience rivaled by no other while managing to be a damn good twitch shooter at the same time with satisfying, easy to pick up, hard to master gunplay.

The developers have been doing a good job updating the game and keeping it relevant using the games-as-a-service business model but their new extremely stringent code of conduct with an instant ban chat filter bot to “fight toxicity” is crap and probably catches a lot of innocent players in its rampant banning sprees. Avoid typing in chat unless it’s for making callouts or just use a microphone. There is no official list of words to avoid which makes talking in chat reminiscent to stepping on a minefield you didn’t even know was one.

While I respect that they want to keep disney heroes a safe environment for kids, maybe they should just stop the in-game chat completely?


Pokemon Quest – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

First off, Pokemon Quest is constantly being worked on. There is ALWAYS something new. I have played since day 1 (sometimes not very well 😉 ) and I can say that this game has changed tremendously, overall for the good. Everything that is an issue is handled either by the Devs, Mod Creators or by Server Owners.

*This game has everything you could want out of a Mobile game!
*Explorer notes to delve into the story-line
*You can Roleplay
*Grind out materials
*Build to your hearts content
*Tame hundreds of beautiful DINOSAURS <3
*Play solo
*Play with large groups
*Constant updates and events
*Endless game-play on hundreds of different servers with different play styles. — Re-playability, 100% —
*Any negative review you see can be handled by a personal server owner and should not be held negatively against the game. (Yeah i’m pretty sure i’ve read 90% of them over the years)
*People of ALL AGES play. This is not just a “child” or “old person”‘s game. I literally have players on my server from age 9 to 70.
*Graphics quality – You might need a great computer to get full potential, but still gorgeous with lesser computers
*Price/quality – Worth the Price if you can find a COMMUNITY. Solo playing is just as fun, but being in a tribe can really immerse you more and give you a sense of purpose in the game.
*Difficulty – Depends on your level in game. There are very many insanely easy and insanely difficult servers, you CAN find what suits you <3
*Game Length – Endless <3
*Story Line – Maybe difficult to follow unless you’re the “questing” type, there are websites for this though.
*Weather System
*Crafting System – Engrams
*People from ALL COUNTRIES can play this game with stability (Server Dependent)
*Can play PVE or PVP or BOTH! – at the same time! -See Community Servers <3

*Sometimes it becomes people’s second life, and it’s pay to win business model 🙁 however you can just use some of these tricks to get the tickets for free: pokemon quest free tickets

*Random glitches depending on the maps (Bugs occasionally)
*Graphics quality – You might need a great computer to get full potential, but still gorgeous with lesser computers
*Story Line – Maybe difficult to follow unless you’re the “questing” type, there are websites for this though.

I would HIGHLY recommend Pokemon Quest, over and over. I even have customers (in my salon) I tell on a daily basis and give them the info for my servers and they become addicted quickly! This game is near perfection. Don’t get me wrong, it has its faults, but the Pros far out-weigh the Cons!!!!

My Fortnite Aimbot & ESP completely free!

Lol they deleted my previous review….. instead of spending time to delete honest reviews in order to get more people to give you $ for this buggy game why not use the time to address the bugs, imbalanced map and the terrible matchmaking system?

-Too lazy to write down the long list of bugs, a simple google search will net you a list of bugs experience by us, the players.

-Certain maps consist of loops that just makes the players feel like they are playing a Merry go round simulator. The devs solution to this is that they added a mechanic (bloodlust) that makes the killer run faster after a period of chasing instead of reviewing the design of the map. Apparently this mechanic resets upon breaking a pallet so basically it is merry go round simulator until the killer is moving too fast, that is the timing whereby the survivor will drop the pallet and turn the game back to a f*&k Feast of merry go round again.  However I am enjoying it… if you want to save the $10 for the battle pass or fortnite cheats, just follow this video tutorial: free fortnite hack

-Genius matchmaking whereby the players are Q into red ping (>300ms) rooms 70% of the time and they have to constanly re-Q and roll the RNG dice in order to finally get into a room with stable latency. In order to make it more frustrating, they added a 5 sec delay where users that left the room are unable to find another room. The time adds up considering the % of time where the users find a room of unstable latency.

Although we can see the devs putting in some form of effort (Creating more skins?!?!?! nani????) to address the issues faced by players, i strongly do not recommend the purchase of this game is you are spending >$10 as there are better games out there for this price.

Netflix for free? Yes Follow this guide!

So you can actually get netflix for free in 2018? Yes we found a youtube guide thats doing just that….

Is it Easy? YES!

Netflix has decent movies, but I dont see that there will be any progress and the current state of the game is about 5-8 hours of movies before you get bored

Its a cute little app, but for the $10 pricetag a month its a ripoff and needs to be about a $5 to actually be worth a purchase. I thought for 20 bucks there would have been more of a movie selection than floating and collecting whilst researching is complete within 2 hours…..

I honestly believe so many people are using this method: netflix for free

Anyways like I said just follow the video guide, and you should be able to get your own netflix code to use!
If you guys need any help just contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Fortnite on Androids? I got the apk here.

So many people are chasing the Fortnite apk for android devices…. well today is your lucky day! I found the first working fortnite android application! Follow this youtube guide to install it: fortnite android

The download is super easy and quick just follow along! Now onto my Fortnite Android device review:

This game is really cool, the art style is beautiful, the devs managed to do waves without lagging out my computer, and It runs really  good.
The only issue with this game is the lack of content. If there was a story you could follow, islands with natives or some quest? The battle pass treasure maps are great, something more, than this game would be so much more engaging. I watched Markiplier and the GameGrumps play this game wanting a full series, and then had to try it out for myself to see why they didnt make a series of it, and I know why, and that’s the lack of content. once you get your first Battle Royale win,  there isnt really much to do from then on.

Basically what I want is some more replayability other than the sandbox aspect. a story, some side storys, fun things to do.
I suggest this game 100% so the developers can build on this game.

Fortnite is fun when you first get it but quickly gets repetitive and boring. Its not that its a bad game, it is just really boring after you play it for a few hours. Wouldn’t recommend for people who are looking for a long lasting (meaning you can play it while still having fun for a long time not how long the game is) action packed game.

How to Download and Get Fortnite On Xbox 360 Tutorial 2018

So you have an old Xbox 360 console and want to play Fortnite? Well, guess what. You can. Take a look at this video, it shows you how.

I just followed this youtube videos guide and it worked for me…. Downloading fortnite on my old xbox 360 console right now.


Here is my review of fortnite on the xbox 360 console:

This is based on <10 hours of experience.

There’s a lot going for this game, but there is a lot that needs to be done here. Let me explain.

As of June 2018, the game is pretty polished for being in Alpha. Game engine is the same as Paladins so it runs very smooth on even mid/low end systems. Movement is very satisfying for something new, and has some level of complexity (something I like but many may not prefer). There is yet to have a camera angle shift thing that H1Z1 and it will be a welcome addition.

I like the idea of character roles, which gives the game an interesting dynamic. If done right, it allows players to do well based on their play style. However, roles are not balanced yet (hence Mage/Hunter OP meme).

Speaking of balancing, the weapon mechanism is currently broken. Bullets seem a bit too slow for my taste. Hitboxes are awful rn. This with the netcode can sometimes make playing frustrating. But since it is an alpha, you cannot be too mad about it.

That last point really sums it up. The devs have “taken inspiration” from existing ideas that WORK and made a decent, free option. Fortnite haters can take shelter here if you can’t afford PUBG. Just have the patience to let the game mature a bit.

How to get Save the world for free – working on all platforms!

So you guys have heard of Save the World? It’s awesome. It’s a really great game but unless you have inhuman willpower you’ll likely get hooked and end up playing for hours on end. So I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a busy person or looking for a casual game that you can just pick up and play a bit whenever you want it’s however great for people looking for a lore rich rpg with nice graphics and fun combat (shooting and building). However is there a video shows you how to play for free: How to get Save the world for free

Easily one of the best RPGs out there. The level of choice and freedom that the game offers you is practically unmatched in any other RPG I’ve played (eg. The Witcher 3 & Skyrim) and it’s an absolute joy to play.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs, especially those who play DnD.

Absolutely Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Breathtaking and all the great words are barely enough to describe this game.

1) Audio:
– The voiced narrator is one of the best thing in this game, he is the missing puzzle for an rpg like this. I played a lot of game with heavy-story oriented before but the lack of voices and the wall of full text make those games less interested.
– Every NPC have their own voices with very well written dialogues.
– Music: soundtracks, sound effects are beautiful. You can feel the environments, the tense of combat and the joy of exploration through the melody.
– I suggest you choose Lohse or bring Lohse in your first playthrough. She is love, she is life. You may thank me later for this.

2) Graphic:
– The game runs smooth 98% of the scenarios but there are some FPS-killer fight that can be really annoying,
– There are small visual bugs.

3) Gameplay:
– The addition of armor types (physical and magic) adds a layer of management. You always have to keep your armors in check or the disabled chain skills will take you down with ease.
– In Tactician and above, you need to use strategies to win the fight, not just raw power. Manage ground-control skills and observe closely the environment to find your advantages.
– Crafting system are better, you can craft your win conditions from junks. That is great
– The Lone Wolf talent are really too OP but some are pretty useless. They need to tweak the talents in my perspective.
– There are a lot of memorable (and frustrated) fights.

4) Stories
– In my first playthrough, It took me 150 hours to finish. Emerge yourself to the stories full of plots. Your choices do matters so think wisely before choosing. The fate of Rivellion is for you to decide.
– Just PLAY it, if you have friend then double the fun.

I am currently in my second playthrough but there are a lot of details that I missed eventhough I explored the world carefully.

I hope after reading this review, you go and buy the game immediately. It truely worth every single $, even at FULL price.

And in August, for PC users, Larian Studio will gift you the Definitive Edition Upgrade for Free.

So What Are You Waiting For?