How to Download and Get Fortnite On Xbox 360 Tutorial 2018

So you have an old Xbox 360 console and want to play Fortnite? Well, guess what. You can. Take a look at this video, it shows you how.

I just followed this youtube videos guide and it worked for me…. Downloading fortnite on my old xbox 360 console right now.


Here is my review of fortnite on the xbox 360 console:

This is based on <10 hours of experience.

There’s a lot going for this game, but there is a lot that needs to be done here. Let me explain.

As of June 2018, the game is pretty polished for being in Alpha. Game engine is the same as Paladins so it runs very smooth on even mid/low end systems. Movement is very satisfying for something new, and has some level of complexity (something I like but many may not prefer). There is yet to have a camera angle shift thing that H1Z1 and it will be a welcome addition.

I like the idea of character roles, which gives the game an interesting dynamic. If done right, it allows players to do well based on their play style. However, roles are not balanced yet (hence Mage/Hunter OP meme).

Speaking of balancing, the weapon mechanism is currently broken. Bullets seem a bit too slow for my taste. Hitboxes are awful rn. This with the netcode can sometimes make playing frustrating. But since it is an alpha, you cannot be too mad about it.

That last point really sums it up. The devs have “taken inspiration” from existing ideas that WORK and made a decent, free option. Fortnite haters can take shelter here if you can’t afford PUBG. Just have the patience to let the game mature a bit.

How to get Save the world for free – working on all platforms!

So you guys have heard of Save the World? It’s awesome. It’s a really great game but unless you have inhuman willpower you’ll likely get hooked and end up playing for hours on end. So I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a busy person or looking for a casual game that you can just pick up and play a bit whenever you want it’s however great for people looking for a lore rich rpg with nice graphics and fun combat (shooting and building). However is there a video shows you how to play for free: How to get Save the world for free

Easily one of the best RPGs out there. The level of choice and freedom that the game offers you is practically unmatched in any other RPG I’ve played (eg. The Witcher 3 & Skyrim) and it’s an absolute joy to play.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs, especially those who play DnD.

Absolutely Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Breathtaking and all the great words are barely enough to describe this game.

1) Audio:
– The voiced narrator is one of the best thing in this game, he is the missing puzzle for an rpg like this. I played a lot of game with heavy-story oriented before but the lack of voices and the wall of full text make those games less interested.
– Every NPC have their own voices with very well written dialogues.
– Music: soundtracks, sound effects are beautiful. You can feel the environments, the tense of combat and the joy of exploration through the melody.
– I suggest you choose Lohse or bring Lohse in your first playthrough. She is love, she is life. You may thank me later for this.

2) Graphic:
– The game runs smooth 98% of the scenarios but there are some FPS-killer fight that can be really annoying,
– There are small visual bugs.

3) Gameplay:
– The addition of armor types (physical and magic) adds a layer of management. You always have to keep your armors in check or the disabled chain skills will take you down with ease.
– In Tactician and above, you need to use strategies to win the fight, not just raw power. Manage ground-control skills and observe closely the environment to find your advantages.
– Crafting system are better, you can craft your win conditions from junks. That is great
– The Lone Wolf talent are really too OP but some are pretty useless. They need to tweak the talents in my perspective.
– There are a lot of memorable (and frustrated) fights.

4) Stories
– In my first playthrough, It took me 150 hours to finish. Emerge yourself to the stories full of plots. Your choices do matters so think wisely before choosing. The fate of Rivellion is for you to decide.
– Just PLAY it, if you have friend then double the fun.

I am currently in my second playthrough but there are a lot of details that I missed eventhough I explored the world carefully.

I hope after reading this review, you go and buy the game immediately. It truely worth every single $, even at FULL price.

And in August, for PC users, Larian Studio will gift you the Definitive Edition Upgrade for Free.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Fortnite’s Newest Glider – Pterodactyl Glider!

We were lucky enough to have some spare v bucks laying around and decided we would try out the NEWEST pterodactyl glider! While doing some research on the newest cosmetic item from EPIC GAMES, we found this video by Frank, he show’s you how to get the Pterodactyl Glider for free!

Here’s the video if you want to watch it here:

I can confirm this method is working too! So what are some of the benefits to the new pterodactyl glider? Well its wing span is HUGE! Like, you can’t miss it if your landing in Titled towers or something like that. Also it has sounds when you open your glider. Very cool skin that everyone should atleast buy or get for free by watching the video 🙂

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and keep smashing out those #1 WINS in Fortnite Battle Royale!

Here is how you get your own Omen Fortnite skin for FREE!

FORTNITE is so much fun to play as SOLO or as a SQUAD, if u dont like the campers of PUBG or the World Wonder builders of FORTNITE. So I was watching youtube eariler today and found this video that shows how to get that new skin on fortnite, check it out: omen skin fortnite

– Nice combat system
– Feels fair and pretty balanced
– Classes for every character, that makes the combat way more interesting
– When you die, you turn into a chicken for few seconds and somehow it’s fun when you’re dying
– The map has different areas with different characteristics or whatever they are ( desert , snow , forest ).
– Great crafting system. You can find a Forge all across the map.
– Legendary weapons/class spells/armors, amazing.


– Some rare technical issues but very rare to be honest
– Sometimes the terrain is a little bit buggy
– Just needs to show some info of what your class spells are doing but thats not a big issue.


I think they’ve got a decent concept.

Looks a lot like Fortnite, but instead of building, it has a class system(warrior, mage, hunter, engineer, assassin) with unique abilities and a crafting system where you find forges around the map to make legendary weapons. The forge (where you craft your legendary armor, weapon, abilities, health and armor potions) is also a vitally amazing concept; The smoke forces action and lets you know where someone is.

I feel like most sub-par/average player’s current success may be short-lived when most people learn how to actually play the game, forcing those players to drift away from the game eventually.
I Highly recommend this game for you to play, it s so much and makes the time fly so fast.

Pack your bags SMITE/Paladins players, prepare for EPIC GAMES to cut funding toward your favorite game!

* Fortnite brings some really great ideas to the BR genre but it needs some serious polish.

* I’ve been killed so many times with full legendary health/armor in one shot (out of nowhere) it makes me sick.

* I’ll revisit this game when they add some quality of life things and a death cam.

How to get your own Fallout 76 Beta Key for FREE!

Yes guys, you read the title correct. Martin Boish on youtube has a method to get free beta keys for the new fallout 76 game by Bethesda! I highly recommend you watch his video on how he does it and how to get your own key!

Fallout 76 is a very fun game, and it has more customization than fallout 3. I most definitely recommend this game to others,
but there is a few bad things about it like the fact that the story is not that good but its still alright. So i hope this helps you decide if you are going to get the game or not.

I did play this game quite a bit, but I don’t like it very much. This is just my opinion. Please don’t hit me!

– The shelter building isn’t needed. It’s meaningless. A waste of time and resources.
– The story telling isn’t very good. I need more interesting companions, more story content and interesting NPC dialogues.
– The game is just getting boring after a while. The world might be big, but it isn’t filled well. I would rather have a smaller game that has more interesting things in it.

This game is very much like Asassin’s Creed or Far Cry. It follows a similar formula and in this installment panders to Minecraft (or Fortnite) fans, I would assume. For me this isn’t ideal. I get bored about half way into the game and never finish it.

@ Bethesda … please improve your writing and put in more interesting characters that feel authentic. I’m a bit sick of those standard NPC slaves you can hord around you (like in Skyrim). It currently feels like an MMO on empty servers. The first 2 fallout games might have a  old engine by now, but they’re just more fun to me.

How to get yourself FREE PS PLUS Codes!

I was at first a bit deterred by the lukewarm reviews this game received. If you have ever tried playing online on your playstation, you will know you need to have an active playstation plus account. These normally cost $60 per year but I have found a way to get it for free…. Simply watch this video and it will explain it all: how to get free playstation plus
But after watching a review that praised it for the story and how great the game was despite it’s flaws with combat I gave it a try in the hopes that it was quite a niche game up my alley.

Walk around the world and get to know the inhabitants, help them survive by playing the nice doctor or/and lure the unknowing inhabitants into dark corners and embrace them as you see their last thoughts before they leave this life, and make sure to be prepared for the consequences that will follow their loss and what their loved ones will do.

It is indeed a niche game, and fit like a glove for my personal taste. Due to the follwing things:
* Atmosphere of old london is superb.
* Voice acting is top notch (reminds me of Whitcher 3)
* Graphics are decent and most of the times very good (maxed out)
* Conversations brings you more into the world than any game I’ve ever played before, I think it helps that the world isn’t huge so you get more intimite with it.
* Music is subtle but fitting and really amplifies that atmosphere

The cons:
* Flickering screen in fullscreen (full borderless windowed will fix)
* People stuck in the geometry which will crash your game if you interact with (1 encounter)
* The combat is finicky and often you’ll lunge your character the wrong way or struggle with the camera. But much like Witcher 3’s combat it’s something you learn (mostly) to deal with

I’m only 7 hours in but it has been a long long time since I can’t wait to get back into the game and get to know the world and see the story unfold slowly.

Battlefield V Beta is HERE!

If you dont have this game u r missing out on alot. Battlefield V is like the father of your gaming experience and if you are reading this in the store page, im confused why u r. Just get the game, literally, if u dont have the game well…u should and everyone does because no one doesnt have this game. I dont even know why im telling u to get this game, it should already be in your game library, anyways you play the beta for free here: Battlefield V Beta key

As someone that played this game for over 1k hours in different accounts and still enjoying this wonderful work of some valve someone got from lazytown, this might just be the best game I have experienced im my life time of 4.33 Roborovski hamsters. I play this game with many and enjoy the fact that the community is kinda calm [Beside the fact that some are as salty as The Dead Sea] As a medic main for around 2 years I rarely get complaints and sometimes those complaints are nothing but something to get me to work on like distrubtion of health and thats why I do enjoy playing as Medic. Overall this game is fantastic and it is sad to hear many say that its dying as that might seem the be the case [After all Meet your Match was like the chernobyl of tf2 cause of its many effects on the future of this game]

Battlefield V is efficiently coded for high stability and performance on low and high end machines. Gamplay is solid. Excellent fun for anyone seeking a balance between realistic and arcade gameplay (so beautiful). War-plane mode is exceptional, but the TANK gameplay is quite a gem! It is also a lot more of an enjoyable experience as it isn’t drowned in pay-to-win rubbish from that rubbish game, World of Tanks–(Rubbish). (In !*War Thunder*!, they don’t even charge you REAL MONEY for the best rounds a tank can have, you just research them with honest skill.)

State of Decay 2! Worth a buy? Just get it for free!

Count me among the many users that are absolutely stunned and happily surprised by the amazing turnaround that Funcom has been able to achieve with this title. When the game first launched in Early Access, State of Decay 2 received a massive influx of players due to today’s publicity hype-machine that centers around popular Twitch streamers showing of new and interesting titles. Funcom however was not prepared for this scenario, and servers were overloaded, shut down, and in short supply. The launch was rocky, the game was mediocre at best, and I shelved it but when my friend told me about this video: state of decay 2 free download I wanted to play it again….

Upon revisiting this game after release, I am nothing short of awestruck. The game is fantastic, and I would even say that it is the best in its genre. The amount of content that they have added is astounding. The fixes to performance are welcomed and the expansion of the world map and recipes has been a real treat as well. Color me surprised- it is a rare event that a game with as rocky of a development cycle as State of Decay 2 can make such a 180 degree turn. I must applaud Funcom for their dedication to those who helped fund their game; it is apparent that they took the criticisms in stride and used the player feedback to massively improve this title. Kudos team!

A fine example of a game that pulled trough even after making me lose interest when it arrive in early access.
I bought the game when it first came out of EA, but was quite disapointed. Later (about a week ago from this review) a friend gifted it to me again and I gave it another go.

I am in love with it! It feels smooth, tons of server options and more. They fixed much of what I felt was off or missing.

It is by far perfect but its a cut above similar type of games and still expending.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Review!

As a big fan of Donkey Kong in the 90s (tabletop and video games, novels and technical readout manuals, and even the cartoon) I was excited when I heard this game was coming out. Having put 26 hours into it as of this review, I can say my excitement was warranted. The game does has some faults but I haven’t experienced the serious technical issues some have been. All I can say is that I am addicted to this game and can’t wait to play it whenever I get the chance. What more can anyone want out of a game?

It’s another DK! The DK universe has a rather rich history, with the story being extensively developed through many books and games.

It’s turn based. I say this is a pro because BattleTech lends itself well to turn based games, and there hasn’t been a BT one in a long time.

The game has quite a bit of depth and complexity.

It’s addicting because you always have something new to shoot for, like upgrading your mechs and ship, leveling your mechwarriors so they become deadly warriors, or making enough C-bills/salvage to keep your unit afloat.

There is a story to follow. It’s not the best, being a typical mercenary theme we’ve seen before, but the developers did put some effort into it, tying everything into BattleTech lore, with yellow highlighted text for key words that you can mouseover to get more background information.

The game looks pretty nice in 3840 x 2160, especially zoom-in animations of all that ordnance flying at your enemies.

Oh and you can get it for free too: how to get donkey kong country tropical freeze for free

There are technical issues with the game. Some people have reported crashes or not being able to even run it. I haven’t experienced those but the game does bog down at times (even at 1080p), especially if I play it for a long time. Quitting and rebooting helps. For reference my Nintendo Switch has an i7 4790, GTX 970, and 16 GB of ram, which should be able to handle a turn based strategy game easily. The developers are working on these issues so hopefully they will be gone in a few weeks.

The in-game tutorials are not detailed enough to properly explain everything. Because of that, new players may be confused. There are some excellent guides.

My Frostpunk Review + Free Guide

Amazing game!

I didn’t knew too much about the game before I launched it, and I expected “average economy strategy for a few hours”.
But the game greatly exceeded my expectation! Atmosphere of this game is outstanding!

Art style is amazing and everything is extremely polished. Graphics, interface, music.
Basically, one from the best game about style of steampunk and survival in cold winter and also management of industrial society.
Also there is some focus on story and role-play. No need to describe its features and details it will just spoil an experience.
If you like economic strategies, survival, winter or steampunk – just buy it, you will not be disappointed.

The only downside, it seems a bit short. I completed the game in approximately 15 hours during slow gameplay without much usage of x3 speed. And it is still interesting to replay it a 1-2 more times. Unfortunately it is not “Anno like” game where you can spent hundreds or thousand of hours.
But still, it provides amazing experience, so it not a big deal. Although guys, you should watch this clip on how to get frostpunk for free, if you don’t have the money – this is the best option on to play frostpunk

Highly recommend!

*This review does contains mild spoilers*
This has honestly been one of my favorite gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time. It has all the aesthetic fulfilment of a city builder, but with much higher risk/rewards built into it. I was able to beat it on my second try (the first… lets just say everyone froze, starved, and died of tragic mining accidents all at the same time), and I’d say as long as you stop and think and strategize about your decisions, you’ll turn out ok. I found myself pausing the game and carefully thinking about my tech tree choices and how they interacted with the evolving decisions of my laws, and was rewarded for this consideration. The story is actually pretty great too- rather than hitting you over the head with backstory as you load in (there is a LITTLE bit of that but much less than most games), you uncover the story over time through exploration and triggered events. Another great thing is how connected every aspect of the game is. Child labor laws trigger events about rations, and force you to allocate more resources to food production. Thinning out rations with soup can be counterbalanced with rationing moonshine, which can also lead to contention with your religious population (if that is the path you so choose). And last but not least, my favorite, I mean absolute FAVORITE thing about this game is the use of music to build atmosphere. Over the 47 days it took me to survive “The Day After Tomorrow”, the music slowly built to an epic climax as, in the darkest part of the storm. And as I pushed my generator to 99% capacity and prayed with my flock to make it to the dawn… well, I’ll just let you see for yourself!