What is a Face Scrub? is it More Effective in Removing Pimples Than Facial Cleanser?

Face scrub is a face wash, only this has been created for not just cleansing the facial skin. It has been created for exfoliating facial pores so that they can become cleaner. Face scrub is also known as exfoliating face wash. Both have likewise the same ingredients. A facial cleanser is smooth soap with chemicals which ensure that the skin is being cleansed deeply enough. However, a face scrub has small granules along with chemicals. These granules help in light massage and a better exercise to the pores which makes pores clean better than a face wash.
Granules happen to be very small in size and smooth, therefore, the chances of these hurting your skin are lowered a lot. You should also know that these granules have the ability to remove the stickiest acne spots which have not been able to clear out with a cleanser. After application of the scrub you will find that the skin has cleared better, it is breathing better and you feel suddenly rejuvenated.

How to use face scrub?

The method of using a face scrub is nothing different than a cleanser. However, a cleanser is softer and without granules, therefore, it would be fine even if you apply a little pressure (though this is unnecessary). In case of a face scrub, there are granules along with the chemical based cream or soap. It is because if these granules you need being a little careful. Granules are so small you will not hurt at all. However, excessive pressure will surely make your skin a little sore.

For application you need to:
Wet your face; Take a little face scrub onto the middle of your palm; Work it into a foam and apply it everywhere on the face; Use your fingers to gently (very gently) massage the scrub a half a minute to a minute; Make sure you have covered all the areas of your face; Wash it off with cold or lukewarm water, whatever you desire.
After this routine you will find you have cleansed skin better and it feels lively as well as lovely.

Somehow, the face scrub has been a better performer at removing acne than the facial cleanser. The granules do a great job in providing a light massage to the skin as well which makes the skin more active and blocked pores are removed better. Face scrub is also excellent when removing dead skin cells, thereby removing other skin problems like the fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Some people may face other skin irritations such as psoriasis or eczema from using chemical based products! Here at portalservice we would recommend this natural psoriasis cream!

There are thousands of different types of face scrub in the market; you should find one which suits you perfectly if you want good results. For this purpose, it would be better if you know more about the daily face scrub you are going to shop for.