Natural skin Care is the way to Go.

Your skin being the largest organ on your body is probably the reason why the beauty products industry is growing day and night. Many companies are telling you what you want to hear just to boost their sales with the promise of transforming your skin overnight. What they don’t tell is you is the harmful effects of the ingredients in their products. So what then? Settling for natural skin care is the solution.


Your skin is not impermeable; it absorbs most of the products applied on it. Some of these will have direct negative effects like clog your pores, dry your skin, burn it or make it blotchy. Sometimes you might end up with a flaky skin from a once beautiful and flawless texture.

It doesn’t end there, sometimes the effects go deeper into your hormones. Some synthetic ingredients and fragrances disrupt your hormones resulting in hormonal problems like PCOs, infertility, irregular periods, allergies or cancer. Some even mimic estrogen and bind to your molecular structure affecting the natural function of hormones in your system. Sounds scary, right?

The good news is that; Mother Nature has a solution to all these problems. If you have been loading your skin with products you can barely read their names, or have suffered the effects of ignorant choosing, no worries. You can reverse that by going natural and sticking to it.

The results will not only be a beautiful and well balanced skin, but a healthy body system as well. Think of the luminous glow, the smooth and soft texture, spotless and clear skin. Think of a strong immune system, a balanced hormonal system and perfect protection from free radicals and UV rays without having to spend a fortune. You could have all the ingredients on your kitchen shelf.


Garbage in, Garbage Out

The first step to natural skin care starts with what you ingest. You have to repair and nourish your skin from cells and DNA deep before pampering it from the outside. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, grains and a balanced diet that will boost your immune system and restore functionality in your system. Replacing your junk routine will give you that glow that you desire.

Drinking a gallon of water might sound like a cliché but if you want to get rid of toxins and plump up your skin cells, this is a must. It will also give you deep moisture replacing the ashy and flaky look. Forget the Botox and Serum injections that will cost you an arm and foot, just drink up more water and enjoy the natural effect on your skin. Ditch the alcohol, caffeine loaded drinks and anything that can strip your hydration and cause your skin cells to wear out.

The Basic Skin Care

A natural skin care routine is not complete until the three magic words are mentioned; cleanse, tone and moisturize.


This is the first skin care routine that removes dirt from your skin allowing it to heal and breath. If you go natural, you will have to ditch the harsh chemicals and soaps that strip your natural oils and moisture. Consider cleansing using oils like avocado oil, castor oil, Jojoba oil or even honey. They will deep cleanse your skin and deliver a supple, nourished and bacteria protected skin.


Toning follows to ensure that your pores are cleansed further and tightened. Think of Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Rose water, cucumber and strawberry. These natural astringents will calm your skin and pamper it.


The last step would be to lock up the moisture in your pores without going greasy. Replace your heavy chemical filled cream with orange juice, lemon juice, avocado or milk. You only need to play around with the mixtures and let you skin absorb some good substance from outside too.


A beautiful and glowing skin is not only good for the pictures; it also boosts your self-esteem. It is important to attend to it carefully by ensuring that everything you put on and in it, is healthy and skin is hard to analyze every ingredient on the beauty products but with natural skin care, you will save money and have long term effects.


Anti-aging Treatment: Can Natural Products Improve Your Skin?

What are Natural Products?
Natural products contain the animal form of vitamin A, the fat-soluble vitamin that is also found in plants such as carrots and spinach. It is known to benefit bone growth and vision and is thought to be useful in skin care as well. The vitamin can be taken orally, and it is also used in topical applications.

Benefits of Natural

It improves skin health by speeding up cell regeneration, assists exfoliation by encouraging dead cells to be sloughed off by newer, healthier skin cells. It encourages the body to rebuild collagen in the skin, which is essential for skin elasticity. Applying it directly to the skin can reduce signs of aging, such as uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles It is particularly effective in eye treatments, often the first area to show signs of aging. It can also help cure acne and reduce scarring caused by acne. Over time, with daily use, pores will appear smaller and pigmentation will improve.


Though natural products can be consumed in a person’s diet, it can also be an important component of a daily skin care regimen. A variety of skin products contain retinal: creams, lotions, and oils, and many cosmetics. Skin care product companies are now including it in their formulas as research discovers more benefits. This includes these skin problems; acne information, psoriasis information.

Natural products can be used with other products without interaction. If you also exfoliate your skin daily, it is best not to do so immediately after applying moisturizing and anti-aging products because the active ingredients need time to penetrate the skin. For example, you could apply retinol products in the evening before bed and exfoliation products in the morning, in the shower, or after you wash your face. It generally takes several weeks to begin noticing improvement in skin tone and texture. Products should be tested on a small patch of skin before applying them liberally.

Side Effects and Risks

It can be used with all skin types. For persons with dry skin, it may cause a period of flaking, which can be relieved with less frequent use at first and gentle exfoliation. Natural products really have no side effects for as they are natural! A person should not consume too much vitamin A in supplements, because this can cause toxicity and has been shown to increase the risk of osteoporosis. For skin treatments, however, the risk of overdose is minimal as long as the product instructions are followed. It is safe to take vitamin A in supplements while using natural skin care products, although multiple oral supplements containing vitamin A should not be taken at once.

What is a Face Scrub? is it More Effective in Removing Pimples Than Facial Cleanser?

Face scrub is a face wash, only this has been created for not just cleansing the facial skin. It has been created for exfoliating facial pores so that they can become cleaner. Face scrub is also known as exfoliating face wash. Both have likewise the same ingredients. A facial cleanser is smooth soap with chemicals which ensure that the skin is being cleansed deeply enough. However, a face scrub has small granules along with chemicals. These granules help in light massage and a better exercise to the pores which makes pores clean better than a face wash.
Granules happen to be very small in size and smooth, therefore, the chances of these hurting your skin are lowered a lot. You should also know that these granules have the ability to remove the stickiest acne spots which have not been able to clear out with a cleanser. After application of the scrub you will find that the skin has cleared better, it is breathing better and you feel suddenly rejuvenated.

How to use face scrub?

The method of using a face scrub is nothing different than a cleanser. However, a cleanser is softer and without granules, therefore, it would be fine even if you apply a little pressure (though this is unnecessary). In case of a face scrub, there are granules along with the chemical based cream or soap. It is because if these granules you need being a little careful. Granules are so small you will not hurt at all. However, excessive pressure will surely make your skin a little sore.

For application you need to:
Wet your face; Take a little face scrub onto the middle of your palm; Work it into a foam and apply it everywhere on the face; Use your fingers to gently (very gently) massage the scrub a half a minute to a minute; Make sure you have covered all the areas of your face; Wash it off with cold or lukewarm water, whatever you desire.
After this routine you will find you have cleansed skin better and it feels lively as well as lovely.

Somehow, the face scrub has been a better performer at removing acne than the facial cleanser. The granules do a great job in providing a light massage to the skin as well which makes the skin more active and blocked pores are removed better. Face scrub is also excellent when removing dead skin cells, thereby removing other skin problems like the fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Some people may face other skin irritations such as psoriasis or eczema from using chemical based products! Here at portalservice we would recommend this natural psoriasis cream!

There are thousands of different types of face scrub in the market; you should find one which suits you perfectly if you want good results. For this purpose, it would be better if you know more about the daily face scrub you are going to shop for.

Get an Experts Opinion on Your Skin

Nearly everything that you put on your face has an effect on your skin since all your pores are exposed. Certain skin care routines can have a huge impact on how your face feels, looks, and ages. You should always get reviews, testimonials, and suggestions on different skin care products. Skin care products should be purchased wisely so that it suits the needs of your skin. Do no go out and buy products that promise to solve all your skin problems. Results can vary for different people and one of the first steps in buying a product is to identify your skin type.
Do you have trouble with peeling, rosacea, eczema, or acne? Is your skin dry, oily, or normal? Is your skin tone uneven is discolored? Do you have deep lines or skin damaged from the sun? These are the factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a line of skin care products. If you are not sure what skin type you have then you should schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or a doctor you trust that is able to assess your skin type. Many people have tried a vast amount of products and still are not happy about the way their skin looks. If you are one of these people then you should look into prescription lines of products, such as retin-a, finacea, or other products that will get of blemishes.

One of the reasons you probably have not obtained the results you desire could be due to not being able to obtain the more intense products that doctors can prescribe. Most over the counter products are not made to deal with difficult skin problems such as the list above. Before you put some of your hope into a product, you should take a good look at the way you live. Some skin issues can result by not having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, exercising enough, drinking the required amounts of water. If you fall into one of the above, then you should start first by improving your health. Your skin is not going to be healthy just by simply using skin care products. In some cases it does, but the majority of problems evolve around not having a healthy lifestyle. Always try and use natural based products as they are going to better for you in the long term! One of my favorite products that I like to share is Grahams Natural Organic Lip Balm it just does wonders for my dry lips!

There are also some other things that you can do as well that can make a big difference, such as not over washing your face, being sure to wash off your makeup at the end of the day, and wearing sunscreen each day. These factors can have a big impact on how your skin heals itself.

Skin Solutions Without Surgery

As we age, our skin begins to show it first. The signs of wear and tear begin to mount, and before long, a dermatologist is trying to hawk laser surgery at us. Sound painful? Not as bad as it used to be, laser surgery is gaining acceptance, but the non-surgical skin treatments are still the best- you just have to take care of your skin while you are young. Consider the prevalence of hand cream these days. The vast number of people using products from Bath and Body works is a testament to how important it has become to us to be able to comfortably avoid laser cosmetic surgery. The prevalence of non-surgical skin treatments in the last twenty years has skyrocketed, including peels, abrasion therapy, and everything in between that and simple hand lotion has made these non-surgical skin treatments a very friendly alternative to laser surgery.
First and foremost, there is no way to appropriately express the importance of using sunscreen in your skin care routine. Many types of makeup, lotion, and hand cream include sunscreen these days, as it is not particularly obvious that one should be using a natural sunscreen in the winter, and so many companies have taken having to remember that out of the equation. The truth is, the sun can be skin’s greatest enemy, shattering the bonds that hold skin cells together by drying skin out, particularly the skin of those sun worshipers we all see at the beach who turn so many heads. They will be the ones who have no use for non-surgical skin treatments when they finally find fifty years old around the corner- they’ve always depended on the availability of laser surgery, and their final appearance will reflect that.

great skin

Non-surgical skin treatments work best when you’ve taken care of your skin all your life. Remembering that the skin is your body’s largest organ may help take it into perspective. It needs to stay moisturized and clean, though spending some time in the backyard garden will by no means do you any harm (unless you step on the end of the rake, that is.) With that in mind, here are a few more tips you’ll want to consider to keep your skin happy and glowing.

First, always wear gloves when working in your outside gardens. You’ll not only diminish the possibility of scarring injury, but you’ll also avoid overexposing your hands, which will help reduce the appearance of liver spots as you age. Wear sunscreen when outside, and wear a wide-brimmed hat in the summer. While you don’t have to necessarily take on a vampire lifestyle, exposure to the sun follows the old rule of thumb: “a little dab’ll do ya.” You’ll also want to use moisturizer daily. Benefits: obvious, though if you play your cards right, you might be able to get someone special to apply it for you, massage-style, for the double benefit.